You can make a donation to our Charitable Funds and support healthcare to benefit local services and local communities.

You can make a difference to staff and service user wellbeing because sometimes they experience hardship, and need help.

What is the ELFT Charitable Fund?
We provide vital support beyond what the NHS currently provides. Any member of staff can apply for a Charitable Fund grant to support a staff or service user initiative. Novel, imaginative and alternative approaches are especially welcome where they bring benefits to the workforce or local community. 

Support for local communities
Although ELFT provides inpatient care, the majority of our services support people where they live or in one of our centres. So, staff are aware of need in our local communities, where there are gaps, and know where a small initiative could make a massive difference. Charitable Funds do not replace NHS funding, they allow us to do something different, trial new ways, work with people's creativity to improve wellbeing.

We are raising funds to support staff and patients who are experiencing hardship during these unprecedented times, for details on this please select the link  -  

How ELFT Charitable Funds are managed

Barts Charity administers the ELFT Charitable funds. ELFT Charitable committee will have oversight of this fund and will direct it to the purposes the fund was for and the delivery of the Trust strategy to improve health of the local residents. 

How ELFT Charitable Fund will be used
The funds are not meant to be stored or saved. They have to be used and issued year-on-year to assist or enhance developments such as: 

  • Supporting healthy living and health promotion of our local residents and staff 
  • Helping to maintain the best possible environment for care
  • Funding the most up-to-date equipment
  • Supporting the training and development of staff
  • Supporting research into, and development of, treatments

Further information
For futher information about ELFT Chariable Funds, you can either:

Application Guidance

Download the document to learn more about the ELFT Hardship Fund and how to make an application - application form. 

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