The ELFT Carers Survey 2020

‘With 86+ years under my belt it would be pretty grim if I gave up now!!!!!’ was one strong message emerging from the Trust wide survey of carers that took place in September .

The reason for the survey was to understand their experiences of the lockdown. 

Thank you to the 91 people who were able to give 12 minutes each to completing and generating 471 pages of information.  Here are just some initial headlines:

  • The overwhelming majority of respondents are caring for a family member and over 60 percent were from Bedfordshire and Luton
  • During the lockdown the physical and mental health of carers and those they care for ‘got worse’ for more than 50 per cent, with existing conditions worsening and accessing services being more difficult
  • For most their financial, employment and housing situations stayed the same although, for a significant minority, things got worse
  • Only three respondents said they had no access to open space and only two to the internet
  • For some life during lockdown was boring and more limited, for others it provided space to reflect and explore things in more depth – although concerns about the state of the world created anxiety for many
  • The majority of respondents were able to access Trust services digitally or via phone although there are varying views about how effective this is with a significant number of poor quality experiences
  • The ‘biggest worries‘ were ‘money, social life and family’ and ‘losing precious time’ with individual resilience, humour, exercise, family, neighbours and mutual aid groups as examples of things that helped overcome these
  • ‘Things to go back to normal’ was the overwhelming message for ‘what should happen next’ but, unsurprisingly, varying interpretations of what this might mean.


7 December 2020 Update: The Carers Survey Report is now out. It has been discussed at a number of key Trust committees and a working group is being formed to drive next steps. Download the full report here: 

Click here to download the Carers Survey Report 2020>>

Please contact if you have any questions.



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