Ensuring equality and valuing diversity are core values of the East London Foundation Trust. This means offering the best services to people that we can, and supporting our staff to be the best they can be, regardless of anyone's age, disability, gender, racial origin, religion, belief, sexual orientation, commitments outside of work, language, union activity, HIV status, perspectives, opinions or personal values.

The Trust is committed to challenging prejudice and discrimination wherever this affects service users and staff and putting equality and diversity at the heart of our organisation's culture. 

How we demonstrate our commitment:

The table below describes how we can make this happen collectively as an organisation, as part of an individual Trust service or team, as an individual member of staff, or as a member of the People Participation team. Links are included that take you to examples of where this is already happening, or where you can get further information. 


What the Trust does…

What each service can do…

What we as individuals can do…

Collects and shares accurate Trust-wide equality data about service users and carers

Collects and shares up-to-date data about recruitment, retention, promotion, pay and disciplinary, analysed by protected characteristic

Works with governors and other partners to understand the places where we work

Population Health



Gender Pay Gap Report

Accessible Information Standard

ELFT Council of Governors


Luton JSNA

Bedford Borough JSNA

Central Beds JSNA


Freedom to Speak Up


Review service data on access and outcomes by protected characteristics and deprivation

Share the learning, e.g. linking to QI programmes, to address these

Undertake equity audits and impact assessments


ELFT Quality Improvement

Impact Assessment Guidance


Become aware of how the ‘protected characteristics’ of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion/belief, sex, sexual orientation & socio-economic status impact on mental and physical health


Population Health

Attend the Trust Inequalities Worksteam events and webinars

Join the ELFT Staff Networks

Reflect on how this understanding helps deliver outstanding service by…

Engages with national and local tools to assess performance, e.g. the Workforce Race and Disability Equality Schemes, the Stonewall Equality Index, the NHS Equality Delivery System, etc.

Supports the BAME, disability, intergenerational, LGBTQ+ and women’s staff equality networks & services, e.g. the Spiritual, Religious and Cultural Care team

Leads debates about tackling inequality and celebrating diversity, e.g. Black History Month



Accessible Information Standard

Stonewall Submission


Staff Networks

Spiritual, Religious and Cultural Care Team

The Trust Inequalities Workstream


Discusses ‘what matters about the social determinants of poor health’

Creates the space for these conversations – team leaders should encourage different views to be aired

Agrees the equality priorities for your team service plan – with SMART objectives

Population Health

Engagement and Team Planning Guidance

‘Making Equality work’ Workshops

Advancing MH Equality in B&L


Talk to service users and colleagues if you’re uncertain about equality issues (don’t be afraid to ask)

Thinks about the data you collect, what does it tell you and where are the gaps

Contacts the QI team or speak to your service’s or team’s QI Coach to think about ways to target the impact of inequality on health

Joins the Trust Equalities workstream and attend the Equalities workstream webinars, podcasts & other events

People Participation

Engagement and Monitoring Guidance

Details of Webinars and Other Events e.g. ‘A Mile in My Shoes’, ‘Through My Eyes’, etc.


Act on our knowledge and experience by…

Focuses resources for teams and directorates to address inequality

Expects teams and directorates to submit business plans with a strong focus on tackling inequality

Drive change, e.g. reviewing bank vs permanent staff and outsourced services and contracts with a social responsibility focus and being an Anchor Organisation

Annual Equality Plan

Business Planning Guidance

Inequalities Workstream

Focus on the recruitment and retention of a diverse team, including apprenticeships and mentoring

Ensure health inequality is addressed in service design and delivery, e.g. social prescribing

Collaborate with other teams and partners to join up services to tackle inequality

HR Recruitment and Other Policies

‘Making Equality work…’ Workshops

B&L’s Advancing MH Equality Workstream

EDS2 Staff Focus Groups Report

Staff Awards


Think about your own practice – what works and what might need to change

Keep having conversations with service users beyond the care plan - ask: ‘What Matters To You?

Listen to those who are seldom heard addresses health inequality

Performance Management and HR practice

People Participation and Engagement Advice

Videos and Stories of Personal Testimony

BAME Let’s Talk report

EDS2 Service User Focus Group

Carers Survey

Make a positive difference by…

Listens to the voice of service users, carers and staff to drive innovation and transformation

Works in partnership internally and externally to address poor health and create fairer and joined-up care

Uses the Trust’s leadership to tackle discrimination, advance equal opportunity and foster good relations (always)

Respect & Dignity at Work Project

Covid, Race and Privilege Debates

Guidance on Equality Act

Public Sector Equality Duty & other Statutory and NHS obligations


Review team progress on tackling inequality and how this relates to the Trust’s strategic aims

Consult with service users about what has worked and what needs to change

Connect with what’s happening across the Trust, e.g. encouraging involvement in staff equality networks, seminars & debates, to innovate and transform services

HR Recruitment and Other Policies

‘Making Equality work…’ Workshops

B&L’s Advancing MH Equality Workstream

EDS2 Staff Focus Groups Report

Staff Awards

Question and challenge how we all address inequalities.

Work with colleagues to decide what we can do better

Consult with service users about the next steps

Performance Management and HR practice

People Participation and Engagement Advice

Videos and Stories of Personal Testimony

EDS2 Service User Focus Group

Carers Survey

The Trust's Equality & Diversity statutory responsibilities, alongside links to the work of the Equalities workstream,  can be found here


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