19 November 2021
Today, November 25 marks the start of the 16-day long awareness campaign against domestic abuse.
According to the Crime Survey for England and Wales in the year ending March 2020, there were an estimated 1.6 million female victims of domestic abuse, aged 16 to 59. Men are victims too, but women are far more likely to become victims of sexual and psychological violence.
As a health provider, ELFT has a special responsibility in ensuring that staff know the signs of domestic abuse, and are aware of what the steps and signposts are to ensure that people get the right support if and when they need it.
NHS Signs of Domestic Abuse website resource  >> 
Do you know how to report suspected domestic violence? 
ELFT Safeguarding page >>
Domestic violence refers to violent behaviour between current or former intimate partners – typically where one partner tries to exert power and control over the other, usually through fear. It can include physical, sexual, emotional, social, verbal, spiritual and economic abuse.  
But the signs of abuse are not always obvious - and the impact does not have to be physical. Both mental and emotional abuse impact violently on the victim and can often have a chain reaction of negativity and trauma on other family members , especially children.  There are a range of national organisations out there that can offer support and advice: 
Help for Children & Women Victims of Domestic Abuse >>
Support for Deaf People Experiencing Domestic Abuse >>
Support for LGBT+ Victims of Domestic Abuse>>
Male Victims of Domestic Abuse>>
As a provider of health services across east London, Bedfordshire & Luton as well as Talking Therapies for residents in the London borough of Richmond, we have provided a directory of services appropriate for each area. Click here>> 
Look out for further information on social media and share it widely over the sixteen day campaign. It gives us all an opportunity to ensure that as many people as possible know that resources and support for people who need it is available.