08 November 2021

A massive thanks to everyone that attended the online launch of the song We Didn't Know by #ELFTin1Voice on Thursday 27 October.

We were thrilled that over 250 people tuned in live, and altogether over 600 people have seen it now.

If you haven’t heard the song or seen the film that describes how it was made, you can do so by visiting the ELFT YouTube channel here.

And you can play the song We Didn’t Know here.

Please continue to share with everyone you know!

The launch was a success in no small part due to the efforts of our friends at Health Education England (HEE)  and the British Medical Journal, who kindly joined us as digital partners for the launch.

Thank you also to ex ELFT CEO Dr Navina Evans CBE -  still very much part of the extended ELFT family and now leading at HEE – who sent us warm greeting and shared her memories of #ELFTin1Voice alongside our very own Dr. Paul Gilluley. 

Both Navina and Paul helped to set the #ELFTin1Voice tone of inclusivity and friendship for the day, with their warm words of support that opened proceedings.

We’d like to share with you some of the heartfelt comments and feedback that people made on the YouTube chat during the launch itself.

During the launch event, Polly asked people for one word that they felt summed up the project. The responses included:

Connection;  Astonishment; Uplifting; Belonging; Fun; Togetherness;  Motivation; Gratitude

Whilst others said:

  • "What a wonderful process"
  • "This is so great!"
  • "Goosebumps!"
  • "Can't wait to do this LIVE!"
  • "Well done everyone. This is absolutely gorgeous. I'm in tears!"
  • " 'Day follows night' [a lyric from the song] - that made me cry!"
  • "Yep, was holding back the tears, but they've arrived! What a beautiful, powerful song"
  • "I have run community choirs for decades and been involved in many similar projects and this is really really MAGICAL well done for ALL involved - this takes serious collaboration - beautiful bravo!"
  • "How beautiful!! How much thought and talent went into it. Should not be underestimated. Thank you so much all who worked in this project."
  • "Amazing experience to be a part of-thank you to everyone who supported us"
  • "It was wonderful, well done!"
  • "you give hope to everyone , staff and service users equally"
  • "Thank you all! Beautiful!"
  • "It’s beautiful! I liked ‘out of the silence’ & captures perfectly the sense of connection & hope you get when singing with others"
  • "Thank you everyone... Simply stunning."
  • "WOW simply wow"

Whilst others commented:

"Amazing to hear the story behind how this was created. It sounds like it was so cathartic for everyone involved to be part of this kind of collaborative project during such a difficult time. Well done to everyone involved. It is a truly moving song that is so powerful because it is so relatable."

"Amazing co-production and collaboration Polly and Leanne bringing people together at a time of uncertainty. We want more please!"

"Wow so amazing to see the finished product. I attended a few early sessions when we were co-creating the lyrics and it was such a beautiful process , cathartic for all of us involved.  Well done to all involved. Another smasher on our hands #ELFTin1Voice"

"Beautiful - wonderful!"

It was very special for us to finally be able to share the song, and were delighted with the engagement from many people from inside and outside ELFT. Hearing people's reactions to the song and their feedback has been really poignant, and we hope the song will continue to touch people, providing helpful catharsis, reflection and hope.

A huge thanks to everyone again who was involved at all stages of the creation of the piece, and who attended the launch. Both audience and players are an integral part of #ELFTin1Voice always!

Best wishes! 

Leanne, Polly & all at #ELFTin1Voice