01 June 2021
Today at ELFT we add our voice to other NHS organisations pledging to act on the climate and ecological emergency.
The NHS is the first healthcare system in the world to set itself a target to be carbon neutral by 2040. At ELFT we will be working to drive down our emissions as far and as fast as we possibly can. Already there are countless examples of sustainable practice across the Trust including our switch to renewable energy, building efficiencies, waste reduction and staff involvement in our carbon reduction journey.
As we work on our new Carbon Reduction Plan as a response to the ambitious NHS targets, we want your help! We will be appointing a Board lead and a service user lead, and we invite you to join our Sustainability & Value Steering Group to get involved. From travel and transport to the use of buildings and green spaces, waste management, procurement, to the way we prescribe, the way we use our resources and the food we eat - our commitment to the environment touches every part of our work.
On making the pledge, Paul Calaminus, ELFT Chief Executive, said: “We recognise the climate and ecological emergency which is a major threat to public health. We know more than ever the effect of the crisis on people’s mental and physical health, from the impact of heatwaves, and flooding, to the damage caused by air pollution. Greenhouse gas emissions must drop drastically in the next few years to give us a chance of avoiding more catastrophic effects of climate change. Healthcare accounts for 5% of emissions in the UK, which means we have an important role to play. Bringing down our emissions, reducing pollution, enabling more active travel and by acting as an anchor institution our Trust can help save lives and improve the health of our communities.”
Adam Toll, Trust Sustainability Manager, said: “We have an ambitious target to meet and we know we cannot achieve this without the help of our staff and service users. We want to harness the passion and drive and use this to help meet the challenges ahead in terms of carbon reduction and sustainability within our trust and the communities we serve. Through our Sustainability & Value Steering Group we’ll be working to understand our carbon footprint, what contributes to it and how we can tackle all areas of carbon emissions.
"The group is open to everyone so please come along and have your say. You can make a difference!"
In declaring a climate and ecological emergency, ELFT joins other NHS trusts, local councils, national governments and private organisations worldwide in committing to becoming part of the solution to the climate and ecological crisis.
To join us in our work on ELFT’s Carbon Reduction plan please contact