12 July 2021

Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) Listen, is a listening event for Citizens across England to give their feedback about AHP services.

Do you receive care and support from any of the following ELFT AHP (Allied Health Professional) services?

Art Therapy


Dance & Movement Psychotherapy




Drama Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy

Music Therapy

Wheelchair Services

Occupational Therapy


As part of this project, East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) will be hosting a number of online engagement activities to listen to people's views about AHP services and understand what improvements should be made moving forward. This will help shape the AHP strategy for the next 5-years.  

Please help publicise by displaying the resources in public areas:

AHPs Listen Strategy Resource Poster>>

AHPs Listen Beds & Luton Events >>

We are particularly keen to hear from the following areas which may be underrepresented:

·         BAME Communities

·         Learning Disabilities

·         CAMHS

·         Faith Groups

·         Those with Long Term conditions

 We appreciate that there will be people who will find it a challenge to participate in the online engagement activities.  As a result, two additional days have been facilitated where service users and/or their carers are able to feedback on a 1:1 basis, either telephone call or video call.

Opportunities for feedback 

  • Online group conversations (see posters for Beds & Luton and London dates)
  • For Learning Disabilities Services 1:1 telephone/video call sessions will take place on 14th July and 22nd July 
  • Individual feedback can be directly entered onto the AHP listen webpage.  To register to participate https://ahpslisten.org/welcome

To register to participate in these feedback sessions, please click this  link  

Closing date for registrations: 19th July 2021

To find out more information visit: https://ahpslisten.org/welcome


Bedfordshire & Luton


Learning Disabilities

Emily Matthews



Suhailah Mohamed 07798838074


Rose Muchoki


Simon Bedeau

07769 137049   


Sheila Menzies



Amanda Brooks