10 September 2021

Newham and Bedfordshire Community Service phlebotomy clinics are closed to all routine appointments until further notice. This is because of the national blood bottle shortage. 

Clinics can only see only patients with urgent appointments at present.

These appointments will be booked by the GP practice on  Swiftqueue  or the patients will be given blood forms marked urgent by their GP

For Newham patients: Manor Park and Appleby clinics are closed. If patients attend with forms for urgent requests they will be redirected to the walk-in clinic or appointment service. If the request is not marked urgent on the form they will be advised to contact their GP practice.

Urgent walk-ins will be seen at Newham's Vicarage Lane

Urgent booked appointments (via Swift queue) will be seen at Shrewsbury Road.

If your GP is unable to use Swiftqueue they can contact the service on 0203 738 7085 (ext. 7091) between 9am - 3pm Monday –Friday and the service will book the appointment into the first available slot. (NB these are all urgent appointments and we will be monitoring the appointment times to ensure patients are seen the same day or next day)