27 October 2021

This year, following our successful and well-attended Trustwide Members Meeting on 12 October, we are inviting all Trust members and stakeholders to join us for a brief, formal

Annual Members Meeting/Annual General Meeting

at which Governors and the wider public will formally receive the Annual Report and Accounts 2021 which have now been laid before Parliament.

The meeting will be held on

11 November 2021, 5:00pm to 5:15pm via Zoom.

The meeting is held as part of the Council of Governors Meeting held in public and attendees are welcome to stay online for the remainder of the public Council meeting, details of which plus any papers will be available on the ELFT website

The full set of papers for the AMM (including Agenda, Minutes of the previous meeting on 28 October 2020, Auditor's Report to the Council and the Annual Report and Accounts 2020/21) can be downloaded here

There will be an opportunity for questions from the public - please submit any questions beforehand, if possible, for a fuller response. Any questions submitted on the day may receive a written response following the meeting.

To register your attendance, please email elft.membership@nhs.net or call 0800 732 0279

Mark Lam
Trust Chair