06 December 2021

Bedfordshire & Luton based CAMHS Eating Disorder Dietician Sarah Fuller was interviewed on Talk Radio on Saturday 4 December. Sarah talks about eating disorders and how best to support people over the Christmas and holiday season - a time which can be especially challenging for anyone living with an eating disorder. You can hear the interview here.

Sarah is well known for her work to raise the profile and understanding of eating disorders. Alongside this, she has led ground breaking work into nasogastric tube feeding under restraint and into understanding the less well-known area of veganism and eating disorders.

In 2019 Sarah was added to the British Dietetic Association’s (BDA) Roll of Honour in recognition of this work. 
She is also a clinical advisor to Beat, the national eating disorders charity. 
Sarah is a prolific commentator in the media. She has come to be recognised as an expert in this area.
More recently, Sarah has been approached to be part of the campaign 'We are the NHS' which aims to raise the profile of a wide variety of NHS roles and professions, to show and inspire people on the range of opportunities and careers available across the service. 
Is working to support young people with Eating Disorders something you knew you wanted to do from the beginning in your role within CAMHS, or is it a role that you developed an interest as time progressed?
When I first started working as a dietitian I had no idea which area I wanted to specialise in. I spent eight years working at the Luton and Dunstable hospital in paediatrics and this is where my interest started - when young patients were admitted with eating disorders.  I started to add these patients as extras to my clinics, starting work early to see them and developed links with CAMHS. Initially I was the only person in CAMHS with dedicated funding for eating disorders. In the past ten years the team has grown substantially. 
The interview you gave to Talk Radio on 4 December is especially informative - not only does it bring awareness to eating disorders, something which is far more common than people may realise - but you also explain to families and friends how best to support people with an eating disorder - especially so,  at this very challenging time of the year. What are the key points you think are important that people know?
To start talking about this now! Identify any anxieties about the Christmas period and put a plan in place to manage these. Christmas doesnt have to be all about the food, it should be about spending quality time with family and friends 
Where can people go to if they are worried about their eating or feel they may be developing an Eating Disorder? 
Www.beateatingdisorders.org.uk is the national charity's website. 
All CAMHS services take self-referrals now so you don't have to see anyone.  Adult patients should go to their GP for a referral. 
Sarah has been talking to Talk Radio, Glamour magazine as well as Take A Break magazine, to help promote the work she does as well as teh We Are The NHS Campaign. We will keep you posted with all the links and updates over the holiday season.