26 April 2021

Lesbian Visibility Week 2021 runs from Monday, April 26 – Sunday, May 2. Trust LGBTQ+ network lead Fiona Lord explains why the week is important to her. 

So what does Celebrating Lesbian Visibility | Lesbian Visibility Week 2021 mean to me? One of the reasons that I wanted to be LGBTQ Network Lead was that I wanted to be a role model. I’m working towards being one by writing this and finding lots of ways to help others in this role and in my community. 

There aren’t nearly enough role models for who we are in The Trust. Too often we are seen as an invisible group. It can take a weird toll as you start to believe it. I often feel things like this in meetings where there is a subtle style of banter. I can sense that if the same jokes came out of my mouth, they would be taboo. This is why I’ve always valued deeper relationships and connection in relationships with others. It feels safer 

Not being seen means your opinion is of no consequence. This sense of otherness has defined my life for a long time. I came out later in my life and I previously had long-standing relationships with men. A part of me feels slightly guilty about admitting it to other LGBTQ people as though I’ve let the side down. 

When I told my brother about my new girlfriend he said ‘Oh you’re one of them’. ‘Them? I thought to myself. Who are they? It seems my brother had introduced me to a club I never knew about.  I attained membership according to him, by just being myself.  

My wife and will have been married seven years this September. She is Indian. She is my world. We think we had one of the first Hindu wedding ceremonies in the country in 2014 when the law changed. Being able to be legitimate in society's eyes meant everything. What we have built is a fantastic life together.  

We are all on our own journey. I’d like to think that one day that we can all be out, proud, celebrated and visible. My resilience my tenacity and my curiosity are all aspects of me that I can genuinely say that I am proud of. I would like to share that visibility with others this week. Please take some time to check out the website and connect with our community.