03 August 2021

This Thursday is Cycle To Work Day - and in order to motivate those of us who have a bike somewhere, gathering dust (surely not in this weather!?) or are thinking about investing in the greenest, healthiest and most fashionable mode of transport of them all, take inspiration from a recent Lancet study that found compared with commuting by private motorised vehicle, bicycle commuting is associated with a 20% reduced rate of all-cause mortality and a 24% decreased rate of cardiovascular disease mortality.

It is advisable to avoid high-density traffic, especially during rush hour, because of the pollution, but it may be worth taking some time to plan a route. Often green cycleways and canal paths can help cut out busy road commutes.

If you still need some further encouragement, take inspiration from the Trust's Dang Khoa (Zach) Nguyen, Procurement Officer for Commercial Development who says: 

"Cycling is a fantastic way to get fit, save money, and contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. Cycling to work can be more reliable and in most cases faster than the Tube, Train or Bus.

"Also, all folk look great in cycling gear!"

Thanks to Tim Gill, ELFT Quality Improvement Programme Manager, for our Cycle To Work Day inspirational image.