05 May 2021

The last 18 months have brought grief, bereavement, trauma and tragedy to many. So this year's Dying Matters Awareness Week will touch us all.

Dying Matters Awareness Week focuses on the importance of having conversations about the end of life, making plans for what you want to happen and finding out what loved ones want in terms of where they die, what is important to them in the final stages, organ donation, funerals, wills, care of children/pets/keepsakes.

It's Not Morbid - It's a Time to Plan
Many people avoid such conversations as they are difficult and might bring sadness but there is also relief for some in setting out what they want and how they want it. Or tying up loose ends and testing assumptions about who will do what. 
During the last 18 months, many have died without a plan or even without people they know at their side. The NHS have not been able to provide end of life care in the way they would usually do because of infection transmission risks.
Brave Conversations

In the last year, many have suddenly had to deal with arrangements for a loved one who has died when you have no idea what their wishes were. This year's Dying Matters Awareness Week will bring to the fore the important of having these discussions in good times.

It is a chance to be brave and have these conversations as they will be valued when the time comes. And people have a sense of relief knowing that their wishes are known, and those caring for them will feel confident that they are acting for them. 

The Dying Matters Awareness Week themes are:

  • Physically (place of death, Advance Care Planning)
  • Emotionally (talking about death, making sure loved ones are cared for)
  • Financially (making a will, making funeral plans)
  • Spiritually (How different faith groups talk about and prepare for death)
  • Digitally (Looking at digital assets, social media, online banking)

Photograph show small pale blue flowers (Courtesy of Pexels)