15 November 2021

The work of the Trust’s Westfield COVID vaccination centre team has been highlighted on Italian national broadcast news. 

More than three million viewers watched award-winning journalist Federico Gatti interview ELFT’s Roberta Contino, Lead Pharmacist for Covid-19 Vaccinations and Antimicrobials at the vaccination centre, on October 27, 2021. The interview was shown by broadcaster Mediaset to share details with Italians on the COVID booster programme in other countries. Topics discussed were the COVID booster given to adults and the new school programme for pupils aged 12-15, the effectiveness of the COVID booster and whom this is currently given to. “On some days, over 1,500 people receive their vaccine at our centre”, Roberta told the interviewer. People can receive their walk-in COVID vaccine or booster at the centre seven days a week from 08:00 to 20:00. The AstraZeneca vaccine is available on Wednesdays and Saturdays, while Pfizer is available every day. Roberta is leading pharmacist for the COVID vaccination programme operation at the centre in Stratford, London.

"The interview offered an opportunity for a strong discussion about vaccination booster between two strong nations. I am proud of our staff's shared sense of purpose and determination that came across strongly, as usual", said Dr Paul Gilluley, Chief Medical Officer at East London NHS Foundation Trust.

Visit the Westfield COVID Vaccination Centre website for more information.