10 March 2021
This has been an exceptional year, with a unique impact on people suffering from eating disorders.
Following Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2021 (#EDAW, #EDAW2021) Dr Nick Hawkes, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of the Beds and Luton Adult Community Eating Disorders Service, chats with Heidi, a patient in the service, about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and ways she has found to cope.
Nick said: "There have been many heroes this year.  In all sincerity this for me includes individuals who have showed courage in enduring, and contributing to caring for others, serving in every role - friend, family member, carer, as health professionals, as teachers, as supermarket workers, everything - at the same time as having to face their eating disorders.  I hope you all can draw some pride and some strength from one another.  It has been really tough."
Heidi speaks about how being stuck at home shielding and disruption to shopping routines led to stress and guilt, as well as how closeness has given her a new understanding of her mother and a chance to bond with her dog.
She talks about her experience of therapy by telephone.
Her key messages to fellow eating disorder sufferers:  "keep busy" and "try not to beat yourself up".