09 April 2021

From Friday 9 April, everyone in England will be eligible for free rapid COVID-19 tests, twice a week.

Around 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 do not experience any symptoms and may be spreading the virus unwittingly.

Rapid testing detects cases quickly, meaning positive cases can isolate immediately, and by making rapid tests available to everyone, more cases will be detected, breaking chains of transmission and saving lives

Alongside the roll-out of the vaccine, regular testing is an essential part of the easing of restrictions, helping identify variants and stopping individual cases from becoming outbreaks. Anyone can now access free, rapid lateral flow tests for themselves and their families to use twice a week, in line with clinical guidance.

Rapid lateral flow tests show results in under 30 minutes, and by taking them we can take the ‘next step safely’, protecting our loved ones, service users, workmates and friends.

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