28 September 2021


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Ballal Seddique is a GP trainee within the Trust, and in his spare time is working on the JustGiving campaign to help support the people of Afghanistan caught up in recent events. He explains why he got involved and what you can do to support vulnerable people right now.

Ballal was born in Kabul and came to the UK as a refugee when he was 7 years old. He went on to study medicine at UCL and has been working in medicine for the past 5 years.

With Ballal having grown up in Afghanistan and with lots of family still there, it has been incredibly hard to watch recent events unfold in the country. Ballal has been fortunate enough to be able to keep in contact with his family there and was eager to find a way to help them and their neighbours, friends and the local community. 

Afghanistan & the current climate:

It is almost impossible for anyone who isn’t living there to imagine what the people of Afghanistan are currently facing. Along with the uncertainty and stresses, the most pressing issue is food – a recent stat from the UN’s World Food Programme claimed that 93% of the Afghan population are not getting enough food, which is a horrifying figure that is only likely to get worse. 

This fundraiser is focused on helping get food to as many families as possible – to help in the small way that we can. Working with his family on the ground, JustGiving have used the funds raised to date to buy flour, rice and oil in bulk. So far, the campaign has been able to donate food to 42 families in Kabul and we intend to keep going.

How can you help?

The JustGiving page is primarily focused on raising funds to use towards purchasing rice, flour and oil for families in need living in Kabul. Donators can therefore rest assured that their money will be put to use quickly and efficiently.

Alongside the monetary fundraising, JustGiving are also collecting essentials in the UK for the Afghan refugees that have just arrived in the UK. They have been focused on gathering the basic necessities for these men, women and children – including sanitary towels, nappies, baby milk, and clothes. Thus far, JustGiving have donated 32L of baby milk, over 1,000 sanitary towels, 1,712 nappies, and also toys and colouring books to the Afghan refugees that arrived to the Milton Keynes area. 

Plans for the future:

The next goal is to work with recently arrived Afghan refugees in Tower Hamlets. There are already a lot of boxes of adult and children’s clothing, as well as children’s toys, which are waiting to be delivered.

Concerns about donations:

With Western Union now reopened and working with trusted individuals on the ground, JustGiving are confident in their work and are able to ensure all funds raised are used as intended. All the receipts for transactions are kept to ensure there’s a paper trail and everything is done transparently.