12 April 2021

A friendly new face has joined the Trust’s People Participation (PP) team to support staff and adult service users in Luton. 

Upma Monga  is the new PP Lead for mental health and learning disability services in Luton. 

Upma, who lives in the town, has been closely involved with PP for the last three years as a service user representative. 

She will be spending the next few weeks meeting as many staff, service users and stakeholders as possible. 

She will work to support and empower service users and carers, ensuring they are actively involved in helping continuously improve ELFT services by working in equal partnership with Trust colleagues and teams. 

“People Participation is about working together so that we can offer a better service for all,” said Upma. 

“Staff, service users and carers alike feel supported and inspired when they are working together. It reassures everyone that they can make a difference and be a positive part of change and improvement.” 

She added: “I feel PP involvement is a brilliant way to break down negative stigma in people's attitude towards mental health and those who experience it. If someone asks me to use just two words to describe PP, I would say ‘excellence and empowerment’.” 

Upma will also focus on developing partnership working with other organisations and building on community connections.

She has issued an open invitation for teams, service users and stakeholders to get in touch.

Her email address is upma.monga@nhs.net