24 June 2021

The Trust has launched a BIG Conversation consultation programme to find out from local people what they think the Trust's priorities should be for the next five years. The Big Conversation will run from 23 June - 6 August. Local people and local leads can join one of 12 online meetings, two for each area that the Trust provides services to share their thoughts and views.

Mark Lam, Chair of ELFT said, "A lot has happened in the four years since we agreed our previous strategy. The COVID pandemic has highlighted the health inequalities experienced by many people in the communities we serve. This is therefore a good time to reflect on the impact of the last 15 months and what we need to focus on going forward."

Paul Calaminus, ELFT's Chief Executive, said, "We have made good  progress with our existing strategy. Highlights have been improvements in patient satisfaction levels, working more collaboratively with partner organisations and the third sector to deliver tailored patient care and support, improvements in staff morale, a greater focus on staff health and wellbeing, and action to adopt more greener lower-carbon practices in the Trust. We need to know from local people and our partners what we should focus on going forward so I urge everyone to take some time to give us their views."

To get involved, people can book to attend one of the online meetings or can share your thoughts and ideas here in our online questionnaire: BIG Conversation Questionnaire >>

Email elft.communications@nhs.net if you would like us to send you a paper version of the questionnaire. or call 020 7655 4066. There is a Freepost address for you to return it without cost to you.

More Information

Everything you need to know is here including what our goals are in our current strategy, meeting dates, and a film featuring Chair Mark Lam and Chief Executive Paul Calaminus explaining why now feels like the right time to review and refresh the ELFT Strategy. Check out the Big 

Click here for all you need to know about the BIG Conversation >>