13 July 2021

We are about halfway through our big conversation.  Six of our online meetings have happened (Thank you to everyone who came along. We have had some interesting and fruitful discussions.) We have six more to go. We'd love you to join us. See here for the dates and how to sign-up

Easy Read Information Added
We have an easy read version of The Big Conversation 3 Questions here and a simplified version of the Big Conversation questionnaire here

If you would prefer a paper copy of the Questionnaire, please contact us: elft.communications@nhs.net or call 020 7655 4066

Why Are We Doing This and Why Now?
After five years, we want to refresh the ELFT strategy. This means planning how ELFT will work with people in the future.

The make-up of our communities and their needs has changed in five years. We know that the COVID pandemic hit certain groups more than others. The pandemic has highlighted inequalities in health in many of the communities that the Trust provides services for. Addiitonally, we have achieved many of the goals of the original startegy. So what felt right five years ago is likely to be out of date, so we need to review our strategy and our aim(s).

So what is a Strategy? A strategy is a big plan. It sets out what you want to achieve and the ways you will do this. A strategy means everyone involved understands what we are trying to do. Together we can think of what we need to do for our strategy (big plan).

We hope you will join one of our meetings or complete the questionnaire so that we can hear your voice in the BIG Conversation