28 July 2021


Meet Lenna (They/Them), our new People Participation Worker and passionate advocate of service user involvement to support people who are digitally excluded.

Read our Q&A below:

What does your new role involve?

My role is to support the Trust-wide Digital People Participation Lead and to concentrate on supporting and empowering service users and carers in Bedfordshire and Luton. By building an understanding of where service users are experiencing issues around access to digital technology or skillset and putting in place practical plans to reduce digital exclusion. I will also ensure service users and carers have a voice in both the planning and delivery of ELFT’s digital strategy.

How will you support service users?

I will support and prepare service users and carers to take part in the digital workstreams to empower them to be meaningfully involved in the Trust digital strategy.  

How will your role help the Trust?

My work will help the digital enablement agenda across the Trust in Bedfordshire and Luton and I will be able to work with clinical colleagues to put in place practical plans to reduce digital exclusion through increasing access to kit and data, and training for those that need it.

How can service users get involved?

Each People Participation Lead across Bedfordshire and Luton will be asking their Working Together Groups for two service users to get involved in the digital workstreams one service user for the digital inclusion workstream and one for the digital exclusion workstream. 

What are your previous roles?

I have never been well enough to work before so this is the first time I have worked for the Trust. I have been a service user representative in People Participation for the last three years. Which really aided me in my recovery, by giving me a sense of purpose and enabled me to be in a position where I felt comfortable and confident to start thinking about employment.  The support I received and continue to receive from the employment service within my care team has been invaluable and I cannot begin to thank them enough.

How can service users contact you?

Service users and carers can contact me by email at Lenna.adley@nhs.net.



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