18 May 2021

A Queen's Nurse from the Trust has shared details of an innovative ‘best practice’ project to reflect ‘learning from the pandemic’ theme at the Queen's Nurses institute’s national online conference on International Nurses' day.

Community children’s matron Rebecca Daniels was asked to present to more than 400 peers about a new supportive online professional forum of children’s community nurses which was created via Twitter in response to children returning to school with aerosol generating procedures (AGPs). 

Rebecca, a member of the Specialist Children and Young People's Service (SCYPS) team, shared how through the online forum more than 70 nurses and community professionals have connected from around the United Kingdom. 

They have shared knowledge, experiences and innovations within their own local areas to ensure children and young people (CYP) with AGP and complex needs could return to school safely and without discrimination. 

Aerosol Generating procedures are interventions that create particles or droplets from the respiratory airway to enter into the air. Examples include suctioning of deep airway secretions (via articifical airways like a tracheostomy) or a long term ventilator (BiPAP/CPAP). AGPs have a higher risk of spreading COVID19 particles into the air and enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn. 

“It was an absolute honour for our case study to be chosen to be presented at the annual meeting, alongside other inspirational Queen's nurses. Although speaking in front of nearly 400 Queen's nurses was rather nerve-wracking, I am just glad it was virtual and not in person! ” said Rebecca, who became a Queen’s Nurse last year. 

"The UK-wide online Community Children's Nursing forum has been a positive development as a direct result of the COVID19 pandemic. Never before have we been able to connect such geographically separate children's community nursing teams to share experiences, expertise and develop standards across the UK. “

She added: “Children's community nursing teams are small, isolated areas of excellence, therefore the creation of a UK wide forum has enabled us to raise our profile and collective voice to influence and change national guidance. We will continue to work together to ensure we have a wider impact across the UK on ensuring children with complex health needs receive the best quality care possible within their own communities.”

Forum partners were Sian Hooban (Queen's Nurse, Wales), Jane Mulcahy (Queen's Nurse, Sussex), Becky Hepworth (Queen's Nurse, Isle of Wight), Maeve Murray (Northern Irelend) and Becky Bedford (Bedford).

The QNI is a registered charity dedicated to improving the nursing care of people in the home and the community. Applications for Queen's nurse are currently open.

Presentation summary: A New Supportive-Online Professional Forum of CCNs for Children Returning to School with AGPs

Contact Rebecca on Twitter - @BecksBDaniels - if you are a children’s community nurse and would like to be involved with the forum.