08 March 2021

The Trust’s Perinatal Mental Health Service is delighted to announce that funding is now available to support mums with childcare costs when attending meetings. 

This is an offer available to any mum working as part of the Trust's People Participation team. 

They can apply for up to £10 an hour when they attend any formal meetings or interview panels as part of their role.  

Explaining why this policy is so important, Lara Roberts, People Participation Lead for the service said:  

 "Over the past year mums have helped to develop what People Participation looks like in Perinatal Health Services.   

"By doing so they have shared their personal experiences to help us to think about what they want to see from us and how we can do this.   

"We want to ensure that their voices are heard.  

"We want them at the centre of the decision-making process around how to create services to support mother’s mental health.  

"There are a whole range of projects going on across the Trust’s Perinatal Mental Health Services right now – website development, social media training, Peer Support Worker training as well as being part of the interview panel process for recruitment.  

"The new Childcare Guidance for Perinatal is important because it supports mums taking part by helping with the financial costs of childcare.  

"I’m so proud to work alongside an amazing and energetic group in Perinatal – and we welcome the involvement of any new mum who would like to join us to help shape our services.   

The Trust’s Perinatal Mental Health Services work across East London, Bedfordshire and Luton. The service supports women who may be planning a pregnancy and need advice about managing treatment, those who are pregnant or have recently given birth and had mental health problems currently or in the past, women who are struggling with bonding and attaching to their unborn or newborn baby and women who experience emotional difficulties affecting their enjoyment of their new relationship with their baby.

The service accepts referrals from health professionals including mental health professionals, health visitors, midwives, social workers, obstetricians and GPs and also accepts self-referrals. 

The service accepts referrals from women who are pregnant and up to one year post-natal with moderate to severe mental health difficulties.

Download the Childcare Guidance for Perinatal policy here>>

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