08 September 2021

There are a number of initiatives taking place involving ELFT and our health provider partners to coincide with Suicide Prevention Day on Friday 10 September. 

Dr. Chloe Beale,  ELFT Consultant Psychiatrist, and Trust Lead for Suicide Prevention has some advice on what we can all do to ensure that suicide is brought 'out of the shadows' and recognised as something that affects everyone. 

"The first thing to say is that having suicidal thoughts is not unusual or anything to be ashamed of.

"At some point in most peoples' lives, pressure and life experience makes us prone to consider suicide. 

"Its when the thoughts become persistent and overwhelming that you need to take action to intervene and change the internal narrative.

"Seek help if you feel this is something that is true for you. There are services and organisations out there that can genuinely help. Including ELFTs mental health crisis lines, free to use and available 24 hours a day. You can find the numbers here.

"The NHS 111 line is also available. Choose Option 2 for mental health crisis services. And the NHS have got this useful support guide here. 

"The other thing worth remembering is: If you are worried about someone, don't be afraid to ask them directly: 'Are you feeling suicidal?'

"Research shows this direct approach has a positive effect. Often people want to talk about what is troubling them, and this can be the start to finding help, getting solutions. 

"Don't shy away from reaching out and asking someone if they are ok. It could save their life." 

The International Association for Suicide Prevention online resource is available here

Further information to follow about new services being launched across each borough in north east London to help prevent suicide and to provide additional support to local residents later this month.