10 March 2021

Katie O'Pray who accesses mental health services with ELFT has been interviewed by Ben Salmons, the Trust’s Break The Stigma campaign lead, talking about mental health, stigma, their poetry, recovery and much more. Katie also created a video of one of their poems to go with this piece. 

Katie said “the poems, video & writing featured in this piece focus on the realities I face as someone navigating chronic mental health conditions. In creating these, I considered how poetry and many other things have aided my recovery. I wanted to be candid about the recovery process and its imperfections, battles and its non-linear trajectory. it isn’t easy. however, I also wanted to reinforce that there is far more connection and pride in healing than in sickness and that recovery is possible for anyone.” 

Ben said ”Working with Katie on this has been great. The opening lines from Katie’s poem featured in this piece of work are very powerful: ‘The doctor told me not to google the meds so I didn’t/because she said my name like a name.’  This really resonated with me. Having been a service user myself the difference it makes when someone sees you as you, not a label or a diagnosis but as a person, makes a huge difference.” 

Katie added: “Feeling seen, understood and supported is the foundation of my recovery, which is why speaking openly and raising awareness is so important to me.” 

To read the interview please use this link :

Katie O'Pray Talking About Poetry & Mental Health>>