21 July 2021

This is South Asian Heritage Month - a time to acknowledge and say thank you to all our NHS colleagues who have family roots and connections with the global South Asian Diaspora. Without them, the NHS would not be what it is today.

Over 1300 staff identify as having family connections in South Asia or the wider South Asian Diaspora within ELFT alone.

We welcome colleagues and service users to share their stories or recollections of their connections to South Asia during this time, or their experience of being part of the NHS.

Lilu Wheeler, ELFT Business Development Projects Manager describes why South Asian Heritage Month is important to her:

"So many factors can shape your experience of life in the UK including (but not limited to); socioeconomic factors, parents, caste, disability and location. Often only Islamophobia is noted as the main issue for south Asians. Data is often grouped together and doesn’t show the nuance of Indians for example. We understand the north-south economic divide in the UK, yet India is about 13 x bigger with many religions and languages. If we only see Indians as a ‘privileged group’ then we miss people who within these groups don’t fit the narrative and end up falling through the system..." Read the full article here.

Image from the British Council website