08 March 2021

A message from the ELFT Women's Network

This year’s International Women’s Day is celebrated amidst the backdrop of the ongoing global response to COVID-19. 

Often, it is women that have had to carry a disproportionate burden in the challenges the pandemic has created – whether financial or domestic  

The NHS would not be able to cope without the efforts and commitment of so many women in so many roles – supporting people as professionals, and as wives, sisters, mothers and partners. 

The NHS People Plan 20/21 sets out a vision that all NHS staff should feel supported, that inequalities are faced up to and tackled.

The Plan also has a vision for an NHS that has more staff, taking on more roles working differently in a supportive and compassionate culture.  

These commitments means a huge amount for women in the NHS and the  ELFT Women’s Network brings us all together to ensure that these words become reality.  

The Women’s Network held a vibrant and purposeful conference on Friday, with a wide and diverse range of colleagues from across the whole Trust in attendance. Everyone committed to ensuring that the future of our NHS is one of continual progress for us as women health professionals. 

If you aren’t able to take part in the NHS Horizons conference today -  the theme of which is to achieve an equal future in a COVID-19 world - and you aren’t a member of the ELFT Women’s Network yet, please get in touch. 

When we come together to share our experiences and knowledge we work out creative and meaningful responses to the challenges we all face as women.

As well as this we continue to work towards ensuring that every woman in the NHS workforce feels properly valued and empowered, and knows that her voice matters.  

Happy International Women's Day! 

To find out more about the ELFT Women’s Network please contact scanning@nhs.net