20 October 2021

This week, we’re welcoming James Slaven, our new Chief Technical Officer, to the team at ELFT. Born in Glasgow, raised in Northampton, James is now Bedford based, and looking to split his time between HQ on Alie Street and the Digital team at The Green. He is also looking forward to visiting sites across the boroughs.

James’ role as Chief Technical Officer is a new one at ELFT. The role has been introduced to support our new Digital Strategy, which will increase and improve the use of digital tools across the organisation. The CTO role will make sure we have the tech to support ELFT’s digital journey, such as proper infrastructure and the best platforms, to enable a smooth transition to digital for staff, service users and carers.

James will be first and foremost getting to know ELFT. His first six months will be dedicated to network and WiFi, cyber security, shared healthcare records and how to make the most out of our existing technology.

Throughout his career, James has worked in almost every area of IT: from desktop support to applications and development. James has done the doing and he’s done the leading, in both the private and public sector.

This is his third NHS role, having previously worked for East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust and Bedfordshire NHS Trust. What makes James unique is his ability to vouch for the clinician and patient experience, as he gets the impact of good digital tools in their day-to-day lives.

When asked what success looks like, James responded:

"ELFT is on a journey, and while there is really good and innovative stuff already in place, our new strategy will take a big step towards a digital future. We must provide a robust and secure platform to support our journey. So, success means strong support systems, enhanced end-user experience, and ultimately, better care for all."

For the latest news and updates from Digital, check out our LinkedIn page and stay tuned for more information on our Digital Strategy.