This section has information and resources for ELFT staff relating to infection control. For general information on the coronavirus please visit

Advice for Public & Basic protective measures >

Bearded Staff who work on the wards:  Important Information Regarding Mask Use >

Contact Tracing Factsheet - your questions answered (15 June 2020)

Fit Mask Testing Q&A - June 2020 

Guidance for primary care >

Hand Hygiene Guides - posters and materials to support good practice. Provided by WHO.

Infection Prevention & Control Policy Manual (September 2021)

Investigation and initial clinical management of possible cases >

Outbreak Management (November 2021)

Personal Protective Equipment  - what you need and how to order it

Smoking and Coronavirus - evidence is emerging that smokers are at high risk if they contract the virus

Stay Alert & Staying Safe: Guide to Social Distancing -  how to advise patients and their families


Laboratory Guidance

Laboratory investigations and sample requirements for diagnosis >

If you have further queries that are not answered in any of these sections, speak to your lead nurse or email: 



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