We are on the lookout for a LGBTQ+ Network Lead for Luton and Bedfordshire

The LGBTQ Network is recruiting for a volunteer Lead for Luton and Bedfordshire who is passionate about equality and inclusion and can support the Trust in its journey of shaping and implementing the equalities agenda. As the trust is growing larger and diversifying, we’re looking to increase our reach. The ideal candidate would be someone who will work as a team member and will also deliver autonomously and has a passion for equality and diversity for LGBTQ+ community members.  

This is a fantastic opportunity to develop and apply your skills and knowledge and support and shape a range of initiatives aimed at improving working conditions for all our staff and develop and maintain a representative workforce and inclusive leadership. 

Working closely with the LGBTQ network leads, this role will enable you to apply your communication and engagement skills to build, coordinate, and deliver plans which will support our Trust’s equality, diversity, and human rights agenda. You will play a key role in channeling staff voices and coordinating equalities activities within the network at a local level. 

Our main are of work includes

• Enhancing BAME LGBTQ inclusion and visibility
• Our ELFT Trust’s Allies Programme across the Trust
• Improving trans and non-binary inclusion
• Building on our Stonewall Equalities Index score 

This role will be a part of your current hours and within your existing position. But it will be a day a month so please speak to your line manager before agreeing to accept the role. 

If you are interested, then please liaise directly with Fiona fiona.lord1@nhs.net and Yannis, Yannis.munro@nhs.net the Trust’s Network Leads who will talk you through the details! We look forward to hearing from you. 


Download the Fair Care For Transexual and Non-Binary People:  An RCN guide for nursing and health care professionals>>
Download the Tavistock & Portman Gender Identity Resource Information Guide>>

Information about the ELFT LGBTQ Staff Network Allies Training Days and a Directory of Helplines and Support Organisations

LGBTQ Allies Training Schedule - April - June 2021>>

Download the LGBTQ Allies Virtual Background for Teams>>

Monday 17th May - The International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

LGBTQ History Month - February 2021

Some information about events taking place this month: 

Oxford Brookes University Listings >>

NHS Confederation>>

Royal Museums Greenwich>>

A Brief Queer History of Zines >>

Poster information about the latest Allies training days in 2021 here>>

The ELFT LGBTQ+ Staff Network Allies Training Q&A guide explains the context and why it matters:

What's the inspiration behind the LGBTQ+ network to set up the Allies initiative? 

 We’ve been planning to roll out The Allies Training for some time and we finally launched it this summer as part of Beyond the Rainbow Arts and Wellbeing event. It’s very important for the LGBTQ Network to champion the rights of LGBTQ people.  

Undergoing the Allies Training is essential, so you get an idea of what it means to be LGBTQ. It provides the opportunity to the attendees to develop insight, awareness around LGBTQ+ people and develop skills on how to treat those individuals with more respect, offering a safer and better place to work or receive care. LGBTQ staff and service users face inequalities in their experience of NHS healthcare. Hate crime is on the increase. 

Despite the progress made towards LGBTQ equality in recent years, many people still face significant barriers to leading healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives.   

The LGBTQ+ Allies Training:  Who can sign up, and what are they signing up for? What will be happening on the day? Join one of these interactive and informative training sessions about how you can become an Ally for ELFT’s LGBTQ+ network. 

It is led by and Fiona Lord and Yannis Munro, ELFT’s LGBTQ+ Network leads. This training is for all ELFT staff who are in touch with LGBTQ+ colleagues and service users. You will enjoy an hour of important learning through discussion and experience sharing. You will learn about the difficulties and barriers LGBTQ+ colleagues and service users are experiencing and identify ways of better supporting them.  

We expect things from our allies. and the importance of Allies at ELFT is that they carry the message of equality and diversity to others. So, for example, our allies sign up to our ELFT allies' pledge and agree to abide by and follow our Trust Values. We will ask you to put your pronouns in your email signature. Pronouns are the easiest way to acknowledge someone’s identity and its shows that you validate and respect a person’s identity. On completion of the training, you get a lanyard and an allies badge to identify yourself. 

You also get a great plastic card with our ELFT LGBTQ allies' brand. This attaches to your lanyard and has been designed with The Ability Network advising us on colours and fonts, for accessibility. On one side of this card there is the PRIDE progress flag originally designed in 2018 by Daniel Quasar. This symbolises progress by acknowledging inclusion and progression of Trans and Queer people of colour. On the other side are useful contacts and network details. Also, a QR code which takes you here to the ELFT LGBTQ+ information page. 

Here are the Allies training dates. Training is on TEAMS. December: 11/12/20 12:30-1:30pm. Also please hold the date for our festive, holiday lunch/activity on 18/12/20 at 12:30pm! It will be for an hour or so also on TEAMS 

A Directory of LGBTQ+ Support Organisations 

Gendered Intelligence :

 020 7832 5848

Action for Transhealth  


Pink Therapy




56-60 Grove Rd, Walthamstow, London E17 9BN 020 8509 3898

The Outside Project – LGBTIQ shelter in Clerkenwell



 domestic violence, hate crimes or honour based hate crimes. http://www.galop.org.uk/

356 Holloway Rd, London N7 6PA 020 7697 4081

Stonewall Housing

 for urgent transfer 56 Dean St 0203 315 5656

Positive East

159 Mile End Rd, Stepney Green, London E1 4AQ  020 7791 2855

Albany trust

020 8767 1827

Balham, 239a Balham High Road SW17 7BE London



Eastside youth

020 7033 9943

Cheshire Street E2 6EH London




Families together London

020 8874 4214 / 07986 087975 or 07747 768363



London friend

020 7833 1674

London Friend 86 Caledonian Road N1 9DN London




020 8741 1879

30 Blacks Road W6 9DT London 



Step out at Step forward

020 7739 3082 

234 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 0AA


Rainbow head

07842 328894


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