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This information was updated on 24 May 2021. Please direct any enquiries to: 

You can help control COVID-19 and travel safely by walking and cycling if you can. Where this is not possible, use public transport or drive. 

For more information visit Gov.UK, 'Safe Travel Guidance for Passengers.'

Travel Safely During the Coronavirus Outbreak>>

Health, care and volunteer workers' parking passes and concessions ending on 21 June 2021

The decision has been taken to withdraw the emergency parking pass guidance by 21 June 2021 by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. After this date, users will not be able to use the pass and may be liable to fines if they attempt to continue to use it. Local councils are responsible for setting their own local policy on parking. Therefore, current or potential pass holders are advised to contact their local council find out about any local plans for the future of the parking pass, or to check whether they are eligible for other local parking permits. We will update this page with all our local council's timelines for the withdrawal of passes across the boroughs our staff work in as soon as possible.

For more information visit the Gov.UK website here>>


Congestion Charge

The Central London Congestion Charge (CC) and the ULEZ has been reinstated from Monday 18 May 2020. Charging hours will increase to 7am-10pm 7 days a week from 22nd June. NHS staff will be able to be reimbursed for the Congestion Charge temporarily, the full reimbursement will cover journeys by NHS staff who work in the zone.

To reclaim for congestion charges please complete form CCLondonClaimForm and submit the form and receipts via post to the Payroll Department.

If travel is disrupted

Currently there are no restrictions to travel on the public transport network for key workers because of COVID-19, although there is a reduced service on some tube and bus lines. The Government and Transport for London will advise on necessary restrictions to travel as and when required. In such circumstances this guidance will be updated.

In general terms the Trust’s disruption to travel guidance would apply. In summary it states:

Where an employee is having difficulty attending work, the manager and employee should then consider the following options and agree on a course of action:

  1. Where disruption to transport is anticipated in advance, the employee should arrange alternative transport. This may include walking to work where this is considered safe and practicable and where the employee has no underlying health condition that may affect their ability to do so. Where it is considered reasonable for staff to walk to work, having considered the above factors, they will be expected to do so.
  1. If an employee is unable to attend work but is able to reach another Trust site, they should contact their line manager to discuss whether they can report for duty at this site instead.
  2. If an employee is unable to attend work and is able usefully to work from home, they should contact their line manager to discuss this possibility and seek approval to do so.


ELFT Staff

New Permits - ELFT staff wishing to apply for a new permit should contact the relevant councils via their website.

Council Virtual Permits - Those with an existing virtual permit issued by a council should contact the appropriate parking office with queries (e.g. changing personal details, parking fines). Contact details for all ELFT councils below:


City & Hackney:






Tower Hamlets:

Notice for Staff using the COVID-19 Government Parking Permits in Tower Hamlets

The COVID-19 Ops Team would like to advise that if any member of staff receive a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) from Tower Hamlets Council whilst displaying the COVID-19 Government parking permit, and they have followed the correct protocols when in in use,  then please immediately appeal against the PCN directly to Tower Hamlets Parking:

If you have any questions regarding the process please contact the Team on email:

Mile End Hospital
Full parking enforcement has been reinstated.
All parking enquiries for this site and any other site operated by Barts Health Trust) should be forwarded to

Barts Health Staff

If you are a key worker at Barts Health Trust, please direct your query  (providing your name, number plate, residential/home address, e-mail address and job title) to

Social Care Staff

Tower Hamlets staff - please contact Anne Page via email  (providing your name, number plate, residential/home address, e-mail address and job title).  Other boroughs please use the email address supplied below. 

School Staff

Tower Hamlets school staff must contact their head teacher and get them to collate the following such as number plates, names of staff, residential addresses, e-mail addresses and a job title for all who apply as a list. There is a requirement for the Head Teacher to compile a list and who will send on to Roland Ramanan (Tower Hamlets Council Support for Learning Service) to approve the application request.

Other Key Workers

If you work for another organisation, please re-direct your query to the council's parking team to find out who your main contact is:


Since January 2021, cases of COVID-19 have fallen significantly across the country, reducing the risk of catching the virus for everyone, including the most vulnerable. Shielding has only ever been a temporary measure to protect the most vulnerable during peaks of the pandemic. The latest peak has now passed, and the prevalence of the virus is now low enough that we can advise people no longer need to shield. The Government has outlined its roadmap out of the lockdown, with a gradual easing of restrictions over the next few months that will apply to everyone. In addition, the vaccination programme continues to be rolled out to everyone.

In the light of the government’s advice to end shielding, the People and Culture Team will no longer be offering staff accommodation for staff members in relation to COVID-19. Instead, accommodation requests will need to be facilitated on case by case basis at the directorate’s discretion locally along with the risk assessment.



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