The response during COVID19 from ELFT Staff at all levels has been incredible and staff who continue to come forward and are willing to help is incredible. We are keen to re-start ‘skills-marketplace’ a ‘support circle’ where we can ask and provide support to other teams/departments where possible.

Substantive staff at all levels can get involved.

If you are a colleague currently shielding, under the vulnerable category and are well enough and have the capacity to undertake further projects, or a colleague whose workload has decreased or project has halted due to the pandemic – your transferable skills could prove to be valuable to others who are in need! On the other hand, you will gain valuable experience, learn new skills and learn about different teams and department which could be great for your development.

To offer your support or to seek support please email Samuel Montague – or contact on 07887 788391. 

You will need to speak to your line manager, complete a risk assessment and seek advice from your locality People Relations Advisor before volunteering for any additional/new work.

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