As we all continue to experience the impact of COVID-19 on our ways of working and living, we are now entering what seems to be a second phase of the pandemic.  

We need to shape our ways of working in the future. To help develop this, we are introducing some new forums.

Be Part of the Conversation 

We are keen for staff and service users to be involved in these important conversations. We are already beginning to see how COVID-19 will affect our way of life and work. We will need to work together to shape our future. In doing so we also want to stay true to our Trust values, our strategy and our focus on improvement and co-production.

We have attempted to group the discussion areas into the below themes. 

Shaping Our Future 



The Future of Work 


All the meetings will be virtual so people can join from wherever they are. This is an opportunity to identify and retain aspects of change that have brought benefits and review what needs to alter or stop in the long run to enable us to function better to improve patient care. You can email: to express interest in being involved in one of the areas.  

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