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The Department of Health is dedicated to ensuring that patients and service users have access to recommended medicines and medical devices. These are collected into lists, called formularies, by local NHS organisations. The formularies must be published online so that patients and service users can understand the treatments available on the NHS.

A formulary is a list of medicines approved for use within a Trust. Formularies are used to help ensure the safe and effective use of medicines within a Trust by the following:

• Improving local care pathways in relation to medicines and prescribing
• Improving collaboration with clinicians and commissioners
• Improving quality by reducing variations in clinical care
• Improving quality by rapid access to cost effective medicines
• Supporting the financial management and expenditure on medicines across health communities

The ELFT Trust formulary can be found on the Electronic British National Formulary (eBNF) and only applies to psychiatric medicines.  Medicines prescribed for the treatment of physical ill health have not been assigned a status in the ELFT formulary. 

You can view an extract of the formulary (last updated Aug 2018)

Prescribing of physical health medicines used within mental health (MH) and Learning Disability (LD) services should follow local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) or acute trust formularies unless a local formulary has been otherwise agreed.  When it is important to initiate these medicines ELFT clinicians will follow formularies of the associated CCGs and Acute Trusts.

NICE Technology Appraisals
Technology Appraisals (TA) are recommendations on the use of new and existing medicines and treatments, produced by the National Institute of for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).  NICE base their recommendations on a review of the clinical and economic evidence in regards to how well the treatment or medicine works in relation to how much it costs the NHS. ELFT will make medicines which have a positive TA available within 3 months of publication of the relevant appraisal.  

How are new medicines approved at ELFT?
The Medicines Committee meets once every two months and is responsible for reviewing requests to introduce new medicines into the Trusts formulary where a NICE TA does not exist.  The Medicines Committee also ensures that all NICE TAs are incorporated into the formulary within three months of their endorsement.
The Medicines Committee consists of consultants, GPs and pharmacists from the Trust and local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) which the Trust covers.

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